Interview De Gelderlander

Het weekend van 1-2 februari stond in het teken van de herdenking van de watersnood van 1953 en van het hoogwater 1995. In De Gelderlander verscheen een interview met Lotte Jensen over de manier waarop lokale en nationale identiteit bepaald worden door de strijd tegen het water. Zie voor het interview:

Expert meeting 23 January

On Thursday, 23 January, we met with a group of experts from the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management (Dutch: Rijkswaterstaat) and other people working on (the history of) managing the water in the Netherlands. It was a very fruitful afternoon during which we discussed how to implement findings of our research into the work of Rijkswaterstaat.

Disaster assignment in school

A nice surprise awaited us when we read the newest edition of Kleio, the journal for history teachers. Our research, and in particular Lotte’s article on disaster songs, inspired Daan Schuijt, editor of Kleio, to make an assignment on disasters in the early modern period for high school students. It is nice to see that our research is already being used for teaching purposes!

In the assignment, the students have to write an ‘enlightened weather journal’ about the earthquake and tsunami in Lisbon in 1755. You can find the complete assignment here:

Presenting our research to the Executive Board of the RU

Yesterday, the Executive Board of the RU visited the faculty of Arts. Three different projects presented themselves to them during the day, including ours. We decided to surprise them with a quiz with all kinds of questions about our research. Naturally, we took the time to explain the answers. The winners took home a fitting prize: beer especially brewed for the memorial of 300 years Christmas’ flood (1717) in Groningen.

Marieke van Egeraat asking the first question of the quiz
Adriaan Duiveman as quiz master

Historicidagen: our contribution in Groningen

Last Saturday, part of the project team (Lotte, Hanneke, Adriaan, Fons and Marieke) had an exciting afternoon. During the Historicidagen (Historians’ Days), we had the opportunity to present our research to fellow historians. In our panel, entitled ‘Rampen, solidariteit en inclusiviteit’ (Disasters, solidarity and inclusiveness), we not only gave short lectures on different topics, but also looked in detail at a print of a flood and sang some disaster songs. All in all, we were very pleased with the participation of the audience and look back on a fantastic conference.

Fons Meijer presents his research during the Historicidagen 2019.

Disasters and morality in the 17th century

On 30 August, Werkgroep Zeventiende Eeuw organises its annual conference, taking place in Antwerp. This year’s theme is ‘virtues and vices’ and deal with questions and representations of morality in the 17th century Dutch Republic. Three of our project members, Hanneke van Apseren, Marieke van Egeraat and Lilian Nijhuis will present papers on the relation between disasters and morality. Click hier for more information.

The Saint Martin’s Flood, 1689